Capabilities of the next generation Provimes Calendar Tool

Capabilities of the next generation Provimes Calendar Tool

Gülay Soydan Pehlevan

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In this article, we will talk about the features of the Provimes Calendar Tool with next-generation capabilities. The Provimes Calendar Tool offers companies and institutions innovations, speed and convenience that are not found in many applications. You can easily create and manage your appointments and meetings via the calendar.

The most important feature is that when creating an appointment or meeting, all the necessary organization from the attendee notification to the visitor entry point, from the meeting hall to the agenda items can be easily done within seconds.

Details of Provimes Calendar Tool:

  • Meeting hall reservation is made automatically with the meeting registration in the calendar.
  • Internal or external attendees are added while creating an appointment on the calendar.
  • attendees are automatically notified of the meeting day, time and place.
  • A visitor/security code is created and transmitted for external visitors.
  • If an external visitor is visiting the company for the first time, map coordinates are sent.
  • Non-corporate visitor provides quick access from the visitor point with the visitor/security code.
  • Meeting agenda items are sent to the attendees.
  • Decisions on agenda items and assignments regarding decisions are created automatically.
  • Notifications are made to external attendees by SMS and e-mail, and to internal attendees by digital assistant Biri.
  • It easily integrates into calendars that support the specific standard.
  • Calendar of authorized users can be viewed and managed.
  • Changing calendar events are easily edited by drag/drop feature.
  • Events can be viewed on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Provimes Calendar Tool has all the features of the apps in the market.
  • All transactions can be done easily from both mobile and web application.

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